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Fitness One Gym and Health centre is providing below paid services for your healthy life style. Fitness One Gym & Health Centre has been spreading health awareness in Kuwait for past Two and a Half decades with its multispeciality branches located at Kuwait. We have paved way for a fitness revolution in Kuwait with Cost effective facilities. Fitness One Gym provides flexible timings and also roaming facility to its members.


Strength Training

The purpose of strength training is to improve the function of muscles in the body which will make you feel like a High performing person. Strength training also develops and strengthens your ligaments, bones etc., regular strength training gives you strong, lean, desirable body weight with increased energy level.


Modified Food Habits (Diet)

Every person is unique and has different likes and dislikes on food. Our wellness depends on what we eat. Our experienced coaches will make you understand and provide valve addition to your scientific knowledge of correct nutrients depending on your lifestyle, diet and health problems.


Personal Trainer

Members can opt for a personal trainer. A personal trainer will asses your fitness level and prepare exercise schedule to improve fitness. Personal trainer trains the member on one to one basis by motivating the member. Personal trainer would change the exercise schedule of each member based on your performance.


Weight Gain

Fitness One Gym and Health Centre helps you to gain muscle mass without adding fat, which gives a good physique and shape to body. At our Gym appropriate weight gain programs are designed based on the height, body frame and physique of the member at the same time exercise schedules is prepared by our experienced coaches keeping you age, body, lifestyle etc, in mind to attain the desired weight.


Weight Loss

Over Weight of body may be due to abnormal eating habits, abnormal life style, stres, lack of proper exercise and so on. Obesity begets Obesity and brings in health hazards like cardiac problem, diabetes, knee pain, etc,. Fitness One Gym & Health Centre designs an appropriate weight loss program to cater to each individual’s requirements in the form of modified food habits, aerobic and cardio exercises.


Water Therapy

Fitness One Gym & Health Centre suggests to drink 1.5 liters of pure drinking water every morning. It is always better to measure 1.5 liters, which approximately works out to 5 to 6 glasses of water. Boiled and filtered water is always good for health. We recommend to start drinking two glasses of water at the begining and then gradually increase the number of glasses to six.


Sport Fitness

Every sportsperson requires different physical standards. We at Fitness One Gym & Health Centre have experienced coaches to provide necessary work outs and modified food habits to develop the required muscles depending upon the sport activity that they are involved.


Karate Training

Okinawa in training and education include Karate, Yoga, Taichi, Kobudo, Ju-do and Meditation. Other courses we conduct include weight reduction program and instructor certifications. Our vision is to provide the highest quality of training which is comprehensive and effective to all age groups of students, particularly children who are our future.


Ayurveda & Spa

All Let’s Relax treatments are meticulously designed to take our guest to the height of relaxation and relieve stress. Similarly, our spa packages let guests enjoy sets of spa treatments that suit their specific desire. The standardized massage technique makes sure you experience Let’s Relax Spa’s original service every time, everywhere by our certified therapist.


Our highly trained and sensitive staff are committed to ensuring that every experience is customized to meet your individual preferences, allowing you to achieve an enhanced sense of inner and outer well-being.


A healthy life is accessible to almost everybody and fitness is the key. Our mission is to complement and answer to your needs via impeccable quality equipment, gear and accessories; and to promote fitness as a way of life. Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priority.


Fitness One Gym & Health Centre has motto to fulfil all the requirement of our members from basic needs like comfortable flooring, environment to advance requirement like finger print attendance.


Working Hours

  • Sat - Thu : 05:00 AM - 10:30 AM
    : 04:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Friday : 04.00 PM - 07.30 PM