About Us

Challenge yourself today

Fitness One Gym & Health Centre has motto to fulfil all the requirement of our members from basic needs like comfortable flooring, environment to advance requirement like finger print attendance.


Fitness One Gym & Health Centre has a Gymnasium with a wide range of state-of-art fitness systems, sleek durable and easy to use equipment of rigid quality control standards. It includes peck deck, leg extension, LAT pull down, hack squat, belly roller, belt vibrator, calf raiser, rowers, hyper extensions, hip twisters, bench press, inclined bench, decline bench, steppers, medicine ball, Swiss ball, wrist curl, barbells and many more.


Aerobics is a type of exercise involving large muscles like legs, hips etc., in vigorous rhythmic movements for a long period of time, say 20 minutes to 60 minutes in presence of oxygen where your heart rate is raised to the required target rate as per your age (To find out your target heart rate subtract your age from 220. This will be your maximum heart rate, your target heart rate should be between 60% - 90% of this. If you exercise within your target heat rate, you would benefit the most.


Fitness One Gym & Health Centre has a variety of imported state-of-art cardio equipment like treadmill, cross trainers, recumber cycles, upright cycles, ergo meters, resistant water rowers, etc. to strengthen the cardio vascular system. A 20 minute work out in our cardio system is a “life changing” experience.

Steam Bath

Steam Bath is a relaxing experience of exposing the body to steam. Steam Bath moisturizes and cleans the skin to promote beauty. The elevated temperature increases the blood circulation for healthier skin. Steam Bath relaxes the overtired, overworked and overstressed stiff muscles. It reduces pain, aches, swelling and tension in body and joints. Steam Bath opens up the pores, soothes the sinus irritation caused due to allergic or cold and chest congestion.

Free Weights

Fitness One Gym & Health Centre has well cushioned rubberized flooring for free weight session. We have barbells and dumbbells of various weights, hack squat, bench press, inclined bench, declined bench, T-Bar Rowing and other free hand exercises. Free weight exercise helps in developing shoulders, chest, biceps, obliques, abdominals, lower back, upper back, forearms, calves, harm strings, inner thighs. Our experienced coaches will provide different exercise schedule depending upon the requirement of the members.

Electronic Slimming

Electronic Slimming converts fat to energy, quite like a conventional exercise does, except that the person need not do any physical activity during the process. Fat is converted into energy when workout is done for more than one hour. Only then does the body temperature go up and fat gets burned. Electronic Slimming is useful for toning and slimming the body by removing the excess fat from various parts of the body like stomach, hips, etc.

Personality Development Lectures

Fitness One Gym & Health Centre not only care your health but also your mind. We organize monthly lectures that bring out an awareness of the reservoir of power within you which is dormant and under-employed. If activated, this power would give you the required confidence and ability to take charge of your life. You will overcome the hurdles of life with renewed vigour and enthusiasm with more purposeful and focused life goals.